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Intelligent vehicle name
Release time:01.12.2016
In the electric car industry, there is a phenomenon, that is, the industry standard is seriously behind the development of enterprises. This is from the new national standard (in the second half of 2015 will be implemented) before the promulgation and implementation of the new national standard has been in use in 1999 is evident.
When the industry standard is lagging behind, leading enterprises should assume responsibility for the development of industry standard.
In 2013, the new electric car officially put forward the development strategy of intelligent electric vehicle. After the new electric cars pioneered intelligent electric vehicles, many electric car companies have followed suit, such as Taiwan bell electric car launched the "cloud power", bidewen bidewen launched iEV intelligent electric vehicle. Many of the concepts so that consumers confused.
In the end what is the smart car? Intelligent electric vehicles to meet what standards?
The first standard: smart chip capable of processing data, in other words, the electric vehicle must have CPU, which is able to think of the brain, the new electric car executive director Chen Kaiya called the "inner core", although the name of many electric vehicle intelligent electric vehicle tag, GPS security and other functions, but not as long as these vehicles CPU is not the true sense of the intelligent electric vehicle.
Second criteria: network to exchange information, intelligent electric vehicles to use networking technology, realize the connection between cars and people, vehicles and intelligent mobile phone connection, the new executive director Chen Kaiya called "external link".
Third standards: to be able to carry out software and firmware upgrade. Moores Law: the number of components can be accommodated on the integrated circuit, about every 18-24 months will be doubled, the performance will be doubled. With the intelligent electric vehicles, the speed of its software upgrades will exceed the speed of hardware upgrades, so online upgrades become an essential service content.
As an intelligent leader who created the electric car, the new MIKU is fully compliant with the three standard setting: E-CPU new intelligent car equipped with intelligent systems, the inner core, outer Zhaopin "technology, so that consumers only through the mobile phone APP, you can achieve a key control of the vehicle. Not only can the way through Bluetooth music, can realize the automatic detection of vehicle status, automatically upload data to the cloud, stepless speed regulation, active anti-theft function, and innovation will be transformed into the remaining power vehicle mileage, displayed on the mobile phone. The car can also be easy to upgrade software and firmware.
In fact, like MIKU electric cars, has been completely beyond the means of transport, this is a "smart travel tool, can meet the needs of people have good ears and eyes" travel and leisure needs. A high degree of intelligence and a large number of features is the most distinctive features of MIKU, as people evaluate Tesla, it is not only an electric car, or a smart computer.
Talking about the future direction of the electric vehicle, the new electric car spokesman, executive director Chen Kaiya believes that the "smart, fashion is the inevitable trend of the future development of electric vehicles." Smart phones, smart home, smart bracelet, smart car...... Intelligence is changing everything around us.
In the electric vehicle industry, such as the number of electric vehicles enterprises will be a function of amplification, then one concept, also hung up the coat of intelligent electric vehicle.
In the face of the first to introduce intelligent electric vehicle new, other companies wait for those who have, questioned those who have tried to imitate, follow it, hit a cross.
In this regard, the new welcome many enterprises together to promote the intelligent electric vehicles to achieve healthy competition and healthy development. In fact, with many different companies, not only will the new intelligent electric vehicle as a product, but firmly intelligent electric vehicle as a business strategy. As the new electric car spokesman, executive director Chen Kaiya said, "with the" Internet plus "to promote the traditional enterprise ushered in the new life. The next day, will continue to the main electric vehicle intelligent manufacturing, not only to subvert their own, but also to the integration of Internet technology and the electric car industry, technology and business model innovation and breakthrough."
The future is not yet to come, but it is already in fashion. To intelligent as an opportunity, the Chinese electric car industry is bound to usher in a new golden ten years".