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How small and medium enterprises decide on what path to follow out the siege of the electric car market?
Release time:01.12.2016
According to the National Bureau of statistics data show that in the electric bicycle industry is still a blowout period, the national large and small electric car companies more than 2500. By 2013, the whole development of the electric car industry to gradually enter the peak, the whole industry production completed 36 million 950 thousand. Since 2014, the electric car industry to enter the inflection point, production fell by 3.9%. In the original of these large and small electric car companies, 2/3 have not been able to survive the markets brutal reshuffle, this annihilation in the history of.
This more than and 700 enterprises survive is not in the road, they are facing the pressure of market competition will be larger than before. According to the self association research shows that the whole industry in the first half of this year to complete the output fell by about 10-15%, electric car market has become saturated is all companies have to face the big environmental problems.
In this more than and 700 companies, several industries apart from a handful of eldest brother, the rest of the vast majority are small and medium enterprises. For them, the electric car market overall downturn is not the only dilemma. In recent years, with the development of economy, the centralized electric vehicle industry to further strengthen the industry in several large enterprises are actively seeking transformation and expansion at the same time, also slowly squeezing the living space of small and medium enterprises, many small and medium enterprises to carve up the market "cake" for a year.
Not only that, for these small and medium enterprises, in addition to the industrys troubles and can not be ignored "foreign aggression". The electric car market several years of rapid development momentum, has made it into a new "siege", the city on the current market situation zhigenzhide enterprises want to break through the wall, to do cross-border products to break new ground; outside the city enterprises but always want to squeeze a cup of soup. This phenomenon in Nanjing exhibition is evident, originally designed to do business with a battery electric car exhibition, originally made tires are under development models, and even some make the handle and shock absorber of the enterprises have hastened the estate of two wheeled vehicle.
From the industry qualifications and product quality, after these parts started the business into the market and will not have an impact on the existing several large enterprises, really affected by the huge or small and medium enterprises group.

In the face of such a severe form, small and medium-sized electric car companies have some kind of response measures?

price war
From the beginning of last year, large enterprises to Yadi as the representative of the strategic positioning scheme in the next few years for the development of high-end market. Many people this is expected, big companies to enter the high-end market will be to make a big gap. In order to seize the market in advance, many small and medium enterprises in this fight a price war.
This protracted price war becomes more and more intense, the front is also more pull more long. On the surface, the electric car sales is really hot short time, the factory also take this to reduce the pressure on the stock this year, but it is essentially a serious overdraft on the electric car market.
Originally prepared for the next year after consumers buy electric cars, because see preferential gratifying, a final decision in this year the price of sales of electric vehicles in the bag. And for the average family, the replacement of electric vehicles is a long-term process for the unit. This means that the next two or three years of electric vehicle sales will be affected by the lasting impact of the price war, to seize the consequences of blind market prices will eventually be shared by the whole group of small and medium enterprises.
Copy design
What are selling well this year, what the cottage!
This phenomenon is not unique to the electric car industry, and even can be said to be a big state of the manufacturing industry".
China electric vehicle network reporter in the Nanjing exhibition to do a little research on the scene:
A medium-sized exhibition displays a quite brisk camouflage appearance models.
It is reported that this car sales in the enterprise internal statistics advantage is very obvious, can be said to be one of the stars of this year models. So reporters on the rise, in this small and medium enterprises gathered in the hall of the six around the shop, want to find there is no similar design.
Did not expect just this one exhibition hall, there are a lot of similar design of the car. Some enterprises use camouflage elements, output other similar models, the imitation behavior we put aside. But even the following design details are strictly "copy and paste", is indeed a copycat behavior is in a flagrant way.
The industry and even joked, not copied car is not sell cars, copycat is the gold standard test sales.
Perhaps many people will laugh it off, but the reporter that the serious homogenization of the industry status quo, in fact, has a more profound influence. Originally committed to the original enterprise, once made outstanding works, immediately imitated by numerous enterprises, even according to the candid spy rushed with the models to the market. As a result, the original value was greatly reduced or even removed. Design of the first enterprise simply can not, there is no place to prove himself. If things go on like this, those who adhere to the original enterprises to afford the design cost, otherwise will be out of the cruel market, or we can abandon the original spirit to join the army to copycat.
In the end, only a few large enterprises have the ability to launch original works. Many small and medium enterprises regardless of whether the drift, will leave a bad impression in the minds of consumers copycat goods.
Imitation concept
This year, the most popular concept of all emerging industries to be "Internet plus".
What is the "Internet plus"? Simply say that Internet plus certain traditional industries = Internet industry. For the electric car industry, before the new MIKU, after the station bell cloud electric, several leading enterprises to promote electric vehicles "in Internet plus" spare no effort, to cater to the trend of the times the quality of intelligent electric vehicle products.
Intelligent trend really attracted a lot of small and medium enterprises to follow suit and move. Nanjing exhibition site there are many small businesses to a "smart car", "Internet plus" banner publicity. Reporters went up a little about, and found that there are a few down is really developed a number of simple interface APP, but the use of the process is accompanied by a range of user experience, has been around the anti-theft function to do some articles.
As an ordinary small and medium enterprises, large enterprises to blindly follow the Internet plus or purely smart car as a gimmick is not desirable. The biggest feature of the Internet is interactive, specific to the industry can be summed up as the car and human interaction, human interaction, and ultimately achieve the goal of building ecological integration system. In this process, not only the development of models and platform and maintenance requires a lot of manpower and material resources, interpersonal interaction also must be set up on the foundation of a large number of customers, also must be equipped with more detailed and timely customer service service only, while improving these aspects, to optimize a smart car experience. The user base is weak, capital and talent reserves less in small and medium enterprises to follow the trend of the development of "Internet plus", can only be a thankless task.
So, no big business abundant capital and technology, small and medium enterprises how to deus ex, do their own brand?
This network reporter through the observation of the Nanjing exhibition summed up the following points feasible development program:
High quality
Nanjing exhibition has a medium-sized enterprises to let reporters rather enjoy, its exhibition layout is an electric car performance test of the laboratory, intuitive to let the audience feel the companys production models have excellent quality.
In the final analysis, the consumer for an electric car companies are the most important considerations in terms of quality and service in two areas. All among the big enterprises, each one in the beginning are now doing quality, after the number of.
The true quality of the electric car, regardless of the future market storm, will not be buried.
Small and medium enterprises want to emerge is not easy in the national market, the pace is too large, front too easily because of its weak foundation failure.
Therefore, to shorten the front, the vision to invest in the national market to re - put into the regional market is likely to be a viable option. Enterprise as a base station on its own, radiation to the surrounding city and province, concentrated manpower and steady development of regional markets.
As local enterprises should understand the actual needs of the local electric vehicle than outside the big line, what is the consumer demand for luxury cars more, or simple models more market, local consumers are more concerned about the appearance of still life. This needs to do a careful study in the area, in order to produce the appropriate models.
Small and medium enterprises in the process of development, not in one fell swoop to become a national first-line products, only steady promotion for the regional line products, or will become a reliable survival path.
Each enterprise to grow and develop, to determine their core competitiveness, the only way to maintain a long-term stable competitive advantage. For an electric vehicle for small and medium enterprises, blindly expand the product category to a certain extent will make their own core competitiveness in "evaporation".
Therefore concentrate resources to create the advantages of small and medium enterprises should be the development of a major fulcrum.
In Nanjing exhibition, the reporter saw several companies committed to the development of special vehicles. Most of them are used as agricultural labor tools, as well as the company launched a special delivery vehicles, the postal courier industry, etc., and even a dedicated electric wheelchair.
These special vehicles are the advantages of small and medium enterprises, in the special areas of these segments, the first line of large brands can not conceal the light of these technologies, a solid small and medium enterprises. Therefore, special vehicles will be the most solid anchor, to help enterprises in the market tide of survival.
Therefore, to survive in the small electric cars should be "down to earth", rather than blindly follow the trend of large enterprises to do "big" products. As long as the grasp quality, grasping, grasping the regional advantages, the future of the enterprise will be a smooth road.