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Electric bicycle industry collective transformation and upgrading
Release time:01.12.2016
Three days of the thirty-third session of the Jiangsu new energy China bicycles, electric cars and spare parts fair held in Nanjing on October 17th, in a large area of the Yangtze River Delta in the haze days, the "new energy, new technology, new traffic" as the theme of the fair was the audience warm cheer. Over 600 enterprises from sixteen provinces and regions of the more than and 500 brands and related products compete, exhibition area of over 120 thousand square.
Despite the exhibition scale new record high, but the electric bicycle industry in 2014 for the first time the negative growth in sales, the industry inflection point has now. In the decline in sales, competition, policy uncertainty and other factors, the transformation of the wheels have been moving up, the transaction will accelerate the Mercedes benz.
In the "Internet plus" refused to be subverted
Mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data...... Reporters at the scene noted that some of the words used in the IT sector, this year also frequently appeared in the car prices booth product introduction. This is known as the "Internet plus" the first year of the electric bicycle industry began to feel down comes the trend of change. Electric cattle technology, cloud technology to build a spoiler, intelligence, electricity, chips and other public Internet play into the industry, brought a lot of inspiration for the industry capital operation, product marketing, cross-border innovation etc.. Many industry "big brothers" to realize, "if you can not adapt to the trend of Internet plus", there may be times.
"The key in the bag or pocket, when approached the vehicle, the vehicle will automatically feel, unlock, press the cloud button to start the motor." In the electric car station bell booth, on-site staff show cloud electric car to reporters, in addition to wireless induction, the station bell cloud electric is also equipped with fault self checking and self function, press the body with cloud repair button, will enter the vehicle detection and fault state, voice notification.
"Start, orientation, pursuit, can be completed on the mobile phone." Yadi electric cars this year hit more high-end, booth staff introduced a "concept car" to the reporter, in addition to the APP mobile phone can remote operation of the electric vehicle, when a stranger is mandatory when riding, mobile phone and electric vehicle special bracelet will alarm at the same time.

In addition, the reporter on the scene saw the movement of electric vehicle has the function of data sharing in real time, according to the road conditions automatically adjust the energy output of the climbing car, many big car companies will be intelligent technology widely used in product innovation, the technical content of the Internet, Internet and other technologies to enhance the electric bicycle, the initiative for future market changes the.

Get together high, manufacturers like to play Cross
Exhibition during the interview, the reporter learned from the China Bicycle Association, a group of data, the first half of 2015 electric bicycle sales of 12 million, down 15%, sales of electric tricycle has increased by 5%, the development is still strong and powerful. This change in the pattern of the market is reflected in the show, electric tricycle, four wheel car booth area than in previous years, the big manufacturers are more willing to multi round development.
Fashion electric bicycles, goods with electric tricycle, the design of a unique electric four wheel car, these three kinds of positioning different products at the same time in the booth of the electric car. The company staff told reporters, Jin Peng has roots in the field of electric tricycle, but hit an inflection point on the occasion of the industry, relying on its product development and production capacity, Jin Peng began a steady horizontal expansion.
With the continued differentiation of the electric car market and the countrys new energy vehicle policy to support the gradual increase in the intensity of the tricycle, the four round of the car market ratio increased. Reporters noted that many of the original electric two wheeled vehicles started the vehicle manufacturers, but also began to get involved in the production of electric three wheeled, four wheeled vehicles and even the body.
When it comes to cross-border, amd group may span more. A wewang Chaowei is a wholly owned subsidiary, in September 10th just on the line, this is a high-profile appearance at the Nanjing exhibition. "A wewang electric vehicles and accessories industry vertical B2B e-commerce platform, we want to build electric vehicles and accessories one-stop sourcing platform, gather new energy vehicles, electric vehicles and downstream resources comprehensive procurement website, at least to reduce the circulation line, let the purchase of electric vehicles and spare parts for better, faster and cheaper." One network CEO He Jing told reporters that the company is a group of young people in the operation, there is no historical burden". "Change in the traditional procurement system as early as the party, we would like to do cross-border subversion." He Jing is full of confidence.
Calling for new national standard "soft landing" compatible"
Exhibition on innovation, cross-border, wonderful stratification, the strength of the market has been fully demonstrated in the exhibition. The electric bicycle industry Chinese has become fully deserve leader, product export volume has been growing steadily, but in China, the new national standard has not issued, become the industry high head Damour Damocles sword.
"National standard revision, changed 13 times, the management and the industry has not yet reached a consensus on the key indicators." Self association bicycle Specialized Committee director Lu Jinlong told reporters that in 2014 the national electric bicycle production and sales for the first time in 16 years of negative growth, the negative impact of the national standard is not always clear on consumer purchase intention and entrepreneurial decision oriented can not be underestimated.
Lu Jinlong believes that the electric bicycle industry each year for the country to provide 200 billion yuan GDP, 10 billion yuan taxes, creating 6 million jobs, the majority of people is an indispensable means of transport, he hoped that the revised national standards to Chinese starting from the national conditions and peoples livelihood, to keep pace with the times, step by step, and ultimately to achieve a "soft landing compatible" the electric bicycle and the way the people travel upgrade mode."
"Half of the countrys top ten companies production has occupied the entire industry sales of electric vehicles in China, the safety performance of the product in the promotion, in improving the technical content, is more important is that the industry has been in self-discipline." Hangzhou Guangyang Power Technology Co. Ltd. technology minister Chen Jinwen believes that the industry has recognized that the revision of the national standard is not on the quality of electric bicycle "relaxed", but the more stringent requirements for products. "The introduction of the new national standard of high quality, will be a new starting point for the development of the industry."
Source: China Jiangsu network