Go straight to Milan! "TEYIN motor" made a stunning appearance at the Milan Exhibition!

On November 23, 2021, the 107-year-old Italian Milan Exhibition (EICMA) grandly opened. As the world's top two-wheeler field event, this Milan EICMA brought together thousands of well-known two-wheeler companies from all over the world. Under the overall leadership of the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce of China, “TEYIN motor ”made a strong appearance at this grand event, presenting China's two-wheeler industry to the world, and proving the strength and charm of China's smart manufacturing with the world!

The scene of the press conference of China's motorcycle and electric vehicle brand exhibition area

Adhering to the corporate mission of "creating value for customers", TEYIN Motor focuses on the manufacture and innovation of motorcycles, and strives to move towards the goal of a world-renowned motorcycle company. The VOX125 classic model brought this time is a very classic retro 125cc product, which has been sold in the European market for many years. In the future,“TEYIN motor ”will continue to devote itself to the research and development and manufacture of motorcycles with a variety of displacements from 50CC to 350CC, and bring more reliable motorcycle products to users around the world.


From 2020 to 2021, the COVID-19 rages all over the world, TEYIN Motor also be affected to varying degrees. On the basis of optimizing the internal structure, improving the production and service process, we seized this precious opportunity to participate in the EICMA fair, took advantage of the opportunity, and had in-depth and close contacts and exchanges with customers and dealers who broke through various difficulties and participated in the fair. Reached a consensus on the current difficulties and challenges, promised to take joint actions to deal with them, and exchanged forecasts on future industry trends.


TEYIN Motor plans to focus more on product research and development close to market demand in the next step. Together with excellent European design companies, we will listen to the in-depth demands of consumers and make products closer to the market and to the world. This time, taking advantage of the global platform of the Milan EICMA fair, we will show the world a new style of Chinese national intelligence that is more energetic, charming and creative.


Mr. Pekarek Fernando, General Manager of Sales for TEYIN motor Europe, gave a speech at the Milan EICMA fair

In 2022, TEYIN motor will bring many new and high-quality models to Milan, you can look forward to it!