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China-Chic "Loulan" is deeply concerned by online media

March 06,2024

On September 15-18, 2023, the 21st China International Motorcycle Expo (China Motorcycle Expo) was grandly held. The main venue for the Tianying Motorcycle Exhibition was located in Hall 7 (7T51), and Tianying Motorcycle participated in the exhibition with 150 water-cooled pedal models from all series.

At the China International Motorcycle Expo, Tianying Motorcycle teamed up with Master Cheng Yingfen, one of China's top ten fashion designers, to create a brand new appearance and painting concept for motorcycles with a cross-border innovative thinking approach. The designers collaborated on the limited edition of the Super Burning Silk Road Loulan, boldly subverting the color contrast, creating a magnificent artistic temperament, eye-catching appearance, and the viewing heat was unparalleled throughout the event.



Tianying Motorcycle Booth is high-end, with amazing products, rich gifts and pleasant experience. The China-Chic "Loulan" exhibition area has created a must see place for visitors to punch in, which has been widely concerned by online media and highly praised by visitors!